School Tours

Our school tours are fun, interactive and educational!  From the moment you arrive...the fun begins.  Your group will be met at the bus by our knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guides, who will stay with you for the entire visit.  The total tour time takes approximately one hour, depending upon the size of your group.  Tour cost is $8/child (plus applicable sales tax), and includes:

  • Two separate fun and educational sessions:  "All About Apples" and "Bees...The Beneficial Insect"
  • Johnny Appleseed story-time and planting your own apple seed to take home
  • Apple picking training, apple tasting and a trip into the orchard to put that training to work.  Each child gets to pick five apples to take home
  • After picking, each child will get to enjoy some refreshing apple cider in a reusable, spill-proof apple sipper.  We can also pack these up for the bus ride back to school
  • There will also be plenty of time for photos, and to visit our farm animals and climb on the haystack

We require one adult to every five children, and they will be asked to assist the tour guide with the activities.

Bee stings rarely happen, but please come prepared with medication if anyone in your group is allergic.

Interested in a School Tour? Please fill out the request form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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