Pick Your Own Tips

  • Check out the "What's Picking" board in the Apple Barn to see what apples are ready for harvest, and how best to get them.

  • We ask for your safety and the health of our trees that you do not climb or hang from the trees.  You may also find that a field of apples is closed to public on occasion as mother nature and our staff may be working in the field or apples are not ready.

  • Pick-your-own apples are sold by the bag. Please only use the bags we provide in the Apple Barn or at the Apple tent located by tractor ride or Field we are picking.

  • We offer one sizes of bags for purchase :

    • 1/2 Peck = 5-6 pounds; approximately 16 medium apples

    • How many apples will I get?

      • One pound of apples generally consists of 4 small apples, 3 medium apples (2 cups sliced), or 2 large apples

      • Allow 2-3 pounds of apples for one 9-inch pie

      • Two medium apples are needed to yield one cup of grated apples

      • One bushel of apples weighs approximately 42-48 pounds. Which yields approximately 126 medium apples; enough for 15-9 inch pies, 30-36 pints frozen, or 16-20 quarts canned apple slices

  • We suggest purchasing a 1/2 peck bag for about every 3 persons who will be picking in your party.

  • You can either hop on a tractor, or grab a red wagon, and head out into the orchard. Enjoy the fresh country air, the beautiful scenery and a glass of Parley Lake wine while you fill your bags with fresh off the tree apples.

  • When selecting your apples, look for ones with good size and color. These will be the ripest and most flavorful.

  • Gently lift and twist the apple off the branch, and then place the apple gently into your bag. Do not toss it in, as this will cause bruising.

  • When there is more than one apple together on the branch, you will need to grasp one apple in each hand and twist in opposite directions. This will prevent dropping any apples on the ground. If an apple falls on the ground, do not pick it up off the ground. Leave it for the deer and other wildlife to clean up.

  • Leave unripe fruit on the tree. The fruit left on the tree will continue to ripen and will hold for an extended amount of time before needing to be harvested.

  • Do not overfill your bag, as it will break, and we do not supply new bags.

  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and good shoes when venturing into the orchard.

  • If you are bringing children, please take the time to speak with them about identifying and picking ripe fruit, and being gentle with the crops.

Storing Your Bounty:

  • Once you get your apples home, you will need to wash and dry them and then keep them in a cool, dry place (preferably around 35- 45 degrees Fahrenheit), and away from direct sunlight. If there any punctured apples in the bag, remove these because they will be more likely to spoil quickly. Harder apples will store better and for longer periods of time than soft varieties.

Come back and see us often as new varieties become available throughout the season!